EIKONA Cinema Solutions

EIKONA Cinema Manager

With the EIKONA Cinema Manager software, you can manage, control and automate all relevant areas of your cinema from one software interface. This results in advantages such as a standardized process chain, synergies between the various work areas and seamless and loss-free processing of all generated data. These give you an overview of all relevant processes, increase your operational reliability and offer you the basis for sound business decisions. The highly flexible and modern software interface helps you to grasp information quickly and makes working with the system a pleasure.

Key Data

Modern Software and Systems

    • Modern and easy to use software interface
    • Browser-based software for comfortable operation on Windows, Mac and Linux
    • Visual data preparation in diagrams and calendar views with drag & drop operation
    • Hybrid of local instance and cloud system
    • Support for multi-level company hierarchies
    • Highly scalable rights management for users and user groups

Compatibility and Synergies

    • Disposition, projection, foyer, hardware and building in one software
    • Synchronization with POS systems to exchange currently scheduled performances, tickets sold, ticket sales and concessions (scope varies by provider)
    • Synergies between the EIKONA systems - e.g. by derivating foyer playlists from the trailering of your shows
    • Interfaces to all market relevant systems

Different Countries, Languages and Specific Features

    • Support in German and English
    • Multilingual software: German, English, French
    • Adapted to country specifics, e. g. different Swiss start times by language region with corresponding digital signage content

Quality, Stability, Further Development

    • High fail-safety through stable and reliable system
    • Automated software updates at no extra charges
    • Development, programming, support in-house from our German headquarters
    • Continuous development based on the needs of our customers
    • Continuous innovations in product conception and portfolio

Compatibility and Interfaces

Here you find an overview of the manufacturers and brands supported by EIKONA Cinema. This represents the current needs of our customers. If an important supplier is missing, we will be happy to implement its API after a consultation with you.

Only if the various products in your cinemas communicate perfectly with each other synergy effects can be created and the workflow becomes smooth and truly efficient for you.

Are you a supplier or service provider yourself and do not find yourself or one of your brands listed here and would like to be integrated into our systems? Please feel free to contact us. We are always open to new cooperations to make it as easy as possible for our customers to work with the systems they use.


Sony, Barco, Christie incl. RGB-Laser, Imax, Samsung Onyx

Screen Servers

Sony, Barco incl. Alchemy ICMP, Christie, Dolby, GDC

POS Systems

Compeso, Ticket, Mars, Cinetixx, Vista, Positive, Sitec, Softline

Sound Processors

Dolby, Datasat, Trinnov


Integ Jnior, KNX, BACnet

Content Delivery

Sharc, Gofilex, Eclairplay, Diagonal, all FTP- or SFTP-sources

Advertising Intermediaries

Weischer, Schlemm

Immersive Cinema

4DX, D-Box, ScreenX

CRM & Data Apps

Cinuru, TrailerApp