EIKONA Cinema Solutions

EIKONA Scheduling & Billing

EIKONA Scheduling & Billing provides you with a modern visual tool to efficiently map the entire process chain of film acquisition, schedule creation and billing. Create visual schedules easily and plan shows via drag & drop with a customized pre-show length. Communication with your POS system and EIKONA TMS enables you to work smoothly and efficiently through all departments. VDF-compatible billing is done by an automated dispatch via e-mail at the push of a button to your pre-set film rental contacts. A DATEV and SEPA export is not only pleasant for you, but also for your billing department. The commentary feature makes the coordination between your scheduling department and individual sites a lot easier.

Goodbye Excel! Hello Visual Planning!

The cloud-based central administration is designed for the management of multiple sites and cinema circuits with multi-level company hierarchies. You log in securely to the German data center via your web browser. A dedicated rights management for different user groups and employees is available.

Communication between central scheduling and cinema sites. Practical commentary features are available for the coordination of scheduling between the central scheduling department and, for example, local theater managers, which make communication between the departments a lot easier and faster. You can send booking surveys from your headquarters to the sites and have them automatically scheduled based on the answers.

Central film database with master data management and Comscore import. Imported parameters can be checked, edited and completed. Multilingual editable content catalog for different file formats and applications, e.g. trailers for screen, trailers for digital signage, synopsis.

Flexible workflows as desired. Every booker has his or her own favourite way of working. Therefore, we have mapped different scheduling methods in the software: You can use pre-planning, weekly planning and planning at the level of tracks and shows. You can work your way from rough planning to detailed planning or go directly to detailed planning.

Graphical planning in different calendar views via drag & drop.Visualization of pre-show length, scheduling conflicts and film information at the shows.

Resource management. Free and overbooked tracks and resources are clearly displayed. Based on shows starting and ending at the same time, the workload of your POS systems and counters is displayed. This allows you to schedule more staff if necessary or to stretch your film schedule with a fixed number of employees.

Waring of conflicts between your presets in the system settings and pre-planning as well as the implemented weekly planning. You can set in the system, for example, how much time there should be between two shows. If your planning violates this default, the system will inform you and you can decide whether you want to overwrite the default setting or whether you want to resolve the conflict.

Automatic scheduling of shows by applying scheduling rules: minimum/maximum time between shows, minimum/maximum simultaneous show starts and ends, track times, show times based on auditorium and weekday, area or center. The system can easily create a weekly program for you automatically with the "Optimal Planning Day".

Notification module. Automatic e-mail notification of various events: auditorium booking exceeds limit, accounting dispatch, e-mail of day-end closing, revenue overview of concession and ticket sales, booking surveys, rental reconciliation, rental accounting.

POS system interface. Synchronization of scheduling with the POS system of the respective sites. For automated accounting, your gross profit can be automatically imported from the POS system.

Film rental communication via ETBs and MaccS. Import of ETBs (electronic booking confirmations) from distributors and linkage to scheduled shows as well as electronic transmission to distributors with connectivity to MaccS.

Entering and updating of rental conditions. Rental conditions can be entered in the system as standard, center-specific or per film. Support of all common conditions (RZ/WKZ, minimum guarantee, IKZ, advertising, rental fee scale, rental fee discount, 3D reimbursement)

Distributer accounting and accounting export. Fully automated rental accounting (VDF-compliant) at the push of a button. Automated dispatch via e-mail (PDF or XML). Accounting export in DATEV via booking accounts and SEPA export for automated bank transfer.

Reports for film funding at the push of a button: MFG Media and Film Society Baden-Württemberg, BKM - The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, and Europa Cinemas. You can freely choose the report period and combine various cinema sites.

Export features for several file formats. Numerous exports to Excel, PDF and InDesign are available. For example, you can easily export show schedules for the creation of flyers, booking schedules per auditorium for your staff or billing for further processing.

Dashboard with revenues from all sites

Revenues of all centers in total, by center, film, days and tracks provide you with a sound performance overview. You can have the results sent automatically by e-mail daily.

Master data import from Comscore, manage film data and content centrally

Maintain and manage all data and content for all movies centrally in one place in multiple languages.

Track and resource planning

present the options in a rough overview of a complete show schedule week.

Optimized planning

The daily view shows the content to be played and the scheduled content including detected conflicts in an overview. The planning can be rearranged via drag & drop. The "Optimal planning day" function makes a planning suggestion by integrating the specifications defined by the dispatcher in the settings: minimum/maximum time between shows, minimum/maximum simultaneous show starts and ends, track times, show times based on auditorium and day of the week, area or site.

The optimal capacity always in sight

provides an overview of the maximum capacity based on the auditorium sizes in the lounge areas / foyer using colored marks during planning. Thus, overload can be avoided and staff can be planned better.

Rental accounting, bookkeeping export & Sepa

Fully automated rental accounting (VDF-compliant) at the push of a button. In the rental master data you maintain the contact data for the responsible rental contacts. You can still make adjustments to the billing or directly initiate the fully automatic dispatch by e-mail (as PDF or XML). At the push of a button, the accounting export to DATEV also works via depositable posting accounts and SEPA export for automated bank transfer. The days of time-consuming typing are finally over.